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Total Facility Care, LLC works in the best interest of our clients (period).

From the Factory Floor to the Executive Suite, Total Facility Care helps your business make a great first impression. We clean first for health and then for appearance creating a clean and healthy workplace for your employees and guests.

Our primary clients are building owners and facility managers looking to focus on their core business while outsourcing their custodialcleanroom sanitization,  or minor maintenance. We pride ourselves in green cleaning and sustainable site practices for all of our clients.

You spend less time dealing with building cleaning issues and more time on your core business

Service Offering: Janitorial, Carpet Cleaning, Hard Floor Care, Green Cleaning, Window Washing, Parking Lot Sweeping, Critical Environments/Cleanroom, Environmental Services (EVS), Minor Maintenance (Handyman repairs), Lawn Maintenance

Total Care Service

We are more than a janitorial service supplier. Our Total Care approach identifies and repairs burnt out light bulbs, broken fixtures, stained ceiling tiles and other building appearance issues that are annoying to your tenants and costly to call out individual vendors or your own in-house maintenance for repair. We think about your building, so you don’t have to!

Proactive Reporting

Proactive Reporting from Total Facility Care

On a time schedule that works best for you (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) we’ll provide a report on our services. You’ll see the good, the bad (areas we dropped the ball or can improve upon) and we’ll discuss with you proactive things we’ve identified to improve your service or lower your cost.

Regularly we’ll bring to you ideas for continuous improvement – most of them will save you money or be an investment into your building.

Data Driven Service

Data Driven Service from Total Facility Care

We use the data derived from our inspections, work requests, complaints, compliments and user surveys to quantify and improve our service.

We’ll ask you to occasionally walk the building with us to conduct a joint audit and ensure that we are continuing to be calibrated to your expectations.

Self Managed Vendor

Self Managed Vendor - Total Facility Care

We’ll sit down with you before the service starts to gain alignment on your service needs, scope of work, and expectations. We’ll conduct a scored baseline inspection to calibrate the condition of the building prior to the start of our services. We’ll continue to inspect and report to you our performance.

You should expect that your building will get cleaner over time. Our system calibrates your expectations with our work plan. Our technicians are trained on the specifics of your building and they are trained on how to self-inspect to insure the service is completed to your satisfaction.

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