About the Owner

Pete Gazlay, Owner, Total Facility CareI'm Pete Gazlay, President and owner of Total Facility Care, LLC. I've been in the commercial cleaning business for over 12 years in some of the toughest facilties in the world. In 2009 I got tired of the travel and wanted to bring the level of professionalism I saw in the corporate 500 world to the Northern Colorado market. I thought local businesses deserved the same level of service, professionalism and expertise the big companies got. We launched Total Facility Care in 2010 and have been delivering on that vision ever since. We're not right for everyone, but if you're like me and you love your building, you think it makes a statement to your customers and you always want to put your best foot forward maybe we should talk.

Here are a few characteristics of our clients and customers that like our services.

  • Are you a building owner or manager that takes great pride in your building?
  • Are you frustrated that your cleaning vendor doesn't seem to notice the details that drive you crazy?
  • Do you find yourself having to write emails or a note to the cleaning crew to dust, mop or do other basic cleaning tasks?
  • Are you surprised by the constant turnover of the cleaning crew?
  • Are you concerned sometimes because the cleaning crew seems a little sketchy?
  • Do you find yourself having to lock your product up because you're afraid it will get stolen at night while you are gone?
  • Are you so fed up you're wondering if it wouldn't just be easier to do it yourself rather than constantly having to remind the cleaning crew to do their job?
  • Was you're cleaning company good at first, but then they dropped off after a few months and now they just seem complacent?
  • Would it be nice to have a company just take care of the building so you can focus on your customers and business?

You shouldn't have to put up with poor service, inconsistent work, high turnover or disregard for the appearance of your business where you make a living!  I'm amazed at the stories some of my customers tell me about what they used to have to do in the past just to get their building cleaned!

  • One customer had to lock her display cabinets because the cleaning lady was stealing her expensive skin care products. That stopped the theft, but it also slowed her sales. Her customers had to reach behind a glass door now to touch and feel the product. Shortly after hiring Total Facility Care, meeting our staff, experiencing our service she removed the glass doors and her sales went back up.
  • Another customer says she works late sometimes and got concerned when a new cleaning guy showed up from the company. She couldn't put her finger on it, but the guy just gave her the creeps. Our uniformed staff are all clean cut and we'll always tell you when we have a staffing change and introduce you to the person who will be in your building. She and her staff love Brad and are glad to see him when they are working late on the nights he cleans.
  • Another customer found the doors were unlocked in the morning after the cleaning crew was there and when they did manage to get the doors locked they didn't set the alarm. Security of your building is our top concern. All of our people have to demonstrate competence before we set them off on their own. If there ever is a problem we'll let you know right away.
  • One customer asked me if "dusting" was part of our service. The reason was obvious. If it was a gardening company they could have started seeds on the tops of the file cabinets and desks. Unfortunately they were in the real estate business and needed to project a professional image. So yes dusting is part or our service. In fact we'll give you a written scope of work, after understanding your needs so that you know exactly what we're doing and we're clear on what you want.
  • Several customers have expressed frustration that they can't talk to the crew. Many times the cleaning people don't speak english beyond the basic greetings. It becomes impossible to communicate simple things like - you're putting too much Pledge on the conference room table and it's making my bosses shirt sleeves greasy. (True story!) Not only does our management team speak english, but our crew members do too. You can speak with them if you're working late or leave a written note and they'll understand what to do.

At Total Facility Care you get my personal promise that we'll take care of your buildling with pride so all you have to do is focus on your business. We're professionals in the commercial cleaning and maintenance industry and we bring our expertise to you. You don't have to put up with subpar performance, missing supplies or merchandise, sketchy janitors that make you and your staff uncomfortable, and a company that just wants to skate by with the bare minimums without really taking care of you.

We're not a franchise, we're locally owned, Northern Colorado focused, professional commercial cleaning experts and our personal touch from every member of my team will show you the very best service you deserve to have in your building. Call me today 970-412-4346 or send me a note at [email protected]lFacilityCare.com . I'd be glad to see your office, corporate campus, branch offices or manufacturing facility so you can decide if we're the best solution for you.



Pete Gazlay, President
Total Facility Care, LLC