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Crown Mats and Matting has released its second segment in a series of Tribology Training classes, detailing how to handle high risk areas for slip and fall accidents.

Tribology is the study of the interaction between sliding surfaces.  Those… Continue reading

Recent tests indicate that mobile phones are actually more contaminated than toilet seats. In fact, tests indicate that the phones carry up to 10 times the amount of pathogens, which have been known to cause nausea and upset stomachs.

According… Continue reading

Greg Sanders discovered that a mouse lived underneath his office chair the hard way: when it ran out from between his legs and scared his boss.

“We were in my office talking, and my boss was sitting across from me… Continue reading

When the next big epidemic of infectious disease strikes the United States, it will travel most quickly from airports in New York and Los Angeles, a new study suggests. But the third most “influential spreader” among U.S. airports may come… Continue reading

Ready-to-use wipes with short dwell times are ideal for high-traffic areas. By selecting ready-to-use wipes with a strong substrate and that stay wet longer, staff can disinfect greater surface areas with fewer wipes reducing costs and delivering a better value… Continue reading

Being aware of risk factors that can cause a slip-and-fall accident is a major concern in all types of facilities. According to forensic reviews of dozens of slip-and-fall injury accidents, these are the 10 most commonly associated risk factors for… Continue reading

While the data is well-established that no-water urinal systems can reduce maintenance costs and water consumption along with related energy costs to deliver water, facility managers thinking about installing non-water urinals should first consider a few things, according to Klaus… Continue reading

According to a new study, offices occupied by men are found to harbor more germs and bacteria than offices occupied by women. Published in the journal PLoS ONE and funded by Clorox, the study reviewed various offices in San Francisco,… Continue reading

Your co-workers may seem friendly but, if a recent study is any indication, they could be aircraft carriers for germs.

According to University of Arizona microbiologist Charles Gerba, who researches the environmental presence of infectious bacteria and viruses, employees in… Continue reading

Approximately 20 percent of all workplace injuries are caused by slips, trips and falls. For employers, this often results in workers missing about 11 days of work, costing on average of $40,000 per incident. In some facilities, such as restaurants,… Continue reading