Cleaning Process

Total Facility Care has always used industry best practices for cleaning and disinfection. These include the use of disinfectants, microfiber towels and mop heads, and HEPA filtration vacuums. To protect our team during the pandemic we’ve implemented additional PPE (personal protective equipment) to include face masks, safety glasses and mandatory use of nitrile gloves. All of the disinfectants we use are EPA approved for use against the SARS CoV2 virus which creates COVID-19.  We outlined this in more detail in a letter to our clients on March 6, 2020


In this environment of Extreme Cleanliness our professional cleaning and disinfection process ensures your workspaces are healthy for your team to occupy.


Touchpoint cleaning – TFC recommends at a minimum that you have touchpoint cleaning everyday your business is open. We will work with you to craft a solution that keeps you and your team healthy that is also budget friendly. Touchpoint cleaning typically includes all of the items people touch during the work day to include doors, handles, restroom fixtures and dispensers, drinking fountains, kitchens including cabinetry pulls and appliance handles, desks, mice and keyboards, conference tables, remotes, chair arms and other items unique to your space.


Deep Cleaning – As a precaution many clients are requesting "COVID Cleans". In an effort to provide a healthy and clean workplace what is really needed is a deep clean. We will craft a specific plan for your building that may include light fixtures, high dusting and cobweb removal, carpet cleaning, floor refinishing and scrubbing, windows, and minor maintenance items. You want the building to “feel” clean. To give your team the peace of mind that it is safe to return to your building we can do these projects to give you the workplace you want.