COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Total Facility Care’s COVID-19 Special Response Team has been trained on the GBAC’s (Global BioRisk Advisory Council®) COVID-19 cleaning and decontamination protocol’s. We’ve conducted numerous disinfections where COVID positive or COVID symptomatic people have exposed offices and buildings. If you have an exposure please call 970-800-3801, and one of our trained managers will conduct a pre-assessment with you to determine the risk level and next steps you should take to make it safe for your people. Here’s our client recommendations on what you can do before or after you call us.


We’ll take the following steps to disinfect your building and return it to operating as soon as possible:


Industry guidance from the Global BioRisk Advisory Council®, outlines specific practices to ensure that an environment is risk free. These steps include:

  1. Pre-assessment – determine level of decontamination
  2. Pre-disinfecting – knock down the infectious agent prior to entering the site
  3. Load Reduction – remove visible contamination and/or grossly contaminated items
  4. Detailed Forensic Cleaning – meticulous cleaning of surfaces
  5. Professional Disinfection – ensure dwell time and special attention to touch points
  6. Post-Site Assessment – quality control to ensure safety of the environment