Disinfecting in Commercial Offices

In this article, industry manufacturers answer common questions asked by building service contractors.


In commercial office spaces, how often should building service contractors disinfect high-touch surfaces such as light switches, door knobs, computer keyboards, etc.?


The frequency of cleaning these areas all depends on the applier. It is recommended disinfecting high-touch surfaces at least once daily, but even more when employees are found to be sick with bacteria/viruses.
— Robert Neitzel, director of operations, Big 3 Packaging, Philadelphia

In a commercial office space I would recommend disinfecting the public “high-touch” surfaces such as light switches and doorknobs every time the space is cleaned. Telephones and computer keyboards are more personal and might only be disinfected weekly; possible damage to the electronic componentry should be considered if the disinfectant solution is applied too heavily or too frequently.

— John B. Everitt, president, Stearns Packaging Corp., Madison, Wis.

In general use, once per day. This frequency should be increased if a risk assessment determines that there is significant risk due to prevalence of illness (cold and flu season), frequency of contact by different people, or other factors that would increase the risk of person-to-surface-to-person transmission of pathogens.

— Peter Teska, Americas portfolio lead for infection prevention, Diversey, Sturtevant, Wis.

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