Eating Your Own Dog Food

Most companies’ these days have a CSR strategy. But is it really a strategy or is it just slick marketing to hop on the green bandwagon. I love showing my clients how we can improve their environmental practices. It usually leads to saving them money and giving them better service too. I’m surprised though how rarely a client asks about our environmental practices. Do we eat our own dogfood?

The answer is yes. We divert over 90% of our waste stream in our office to be recycled. (That makes us a zero waste generator by the way!) We have traditional gasoline vehicles, but we use Green Garage’s technology for the oils, cooling, and transmission fluids – or in some cases we will as the cooling and transmission fluids need changing. We have CFL lighting in our office and we use the Ionnator to clean with. We mulch or compost all of the green waste from our grounds. So yes we eat our own dog food.

We can help your organization improve it’s sustainability practices. Here are some simple areas you can check and we can help with if you don’t know the answers?

1. What’s your recycling diversion rate?
2. Are you using energy efficient lighting? (A blog coming soon on this topic)
3. Are your water fixtures efficient? Is your irrigation system on a timer or does it stop when there’s been enough rainfall?
4. Is your janitorial service using green chemicals, microfiber, and vacuums that are CIRI certified?
5. Is your lawn maintenance service mulching and composting all yard waste from your facility?

These answers should be easy to get. If you’re not satisfied with the answers the solutions are low to no cost and easy to implement.

What other easy sustainable ideas have you implemented?

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