H1N1 Prevention

H1N1 is just the latest Pandemic to affect facility owners and managers. Total Facility Care can help with your business continuity plan for any pandemic threat.

We provide 24/7 response to clean up after an outbreak of H1N1, MRSA or seasonal flu impacting your facility.

We can provide customers with a proactive plan that provides the opportunity for them to take advantage of extra disinfecting of common surface areas. Many facilities in recent years have gone to reduced cleaning frequencies which may result in commonly touched surfaces being cleaned less often.

Illnesses like MRSA, the common cold, or the flu can be spread by hand-to-hand contact. A survey sponsored by the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) found that many people aren't washing their hands in public places and are consequently exposing others to infection. The ASM study also found that more than 30 percent of people using restrooms in New York City airports didn't stop to wash their hands.

Assuming the same percentage of occupants in the facilities we clean are not washing their hands, the building's frequently touched areas are probably covered with germs.