Lighting – The No Brainer Way to Green Your Building

Lighting is an easy way right now to Green your building. But first before you spend any money at all walk around your office. How’s the daylighting?Are the blinds down?  Are the skylights covered? Daylighting has been shown to increase employee productivity and improve the general sense of well being in the building. If all of your blinds are pulled shut and you have several windows this is an easy way to make your building a better place to work.

Here’s another no brainer lighting solution. Almost all local utilities are offering rebates to update your fluorescent lighting. Why? Well the first reason is that old ballasts which power your fixtures are being phased out as of July 1, 2010. The T-12 lamps for these fixtures are being phased out in 2012. They are being replaced with more energy-efficient ballasts and lamps. The second reason is that it is very expensive for the utilities to build new power generation plants, so if they can make their existing big users more efficient that delays their need to build additional capacity.

Essentially you will have to change when the lamp or ballast goes out the next time. So do it now while the rebates are there. In Northern Colorado we’re seeing very low out of pocket costs for building owners and tenants with the robust rebates. The ROI in many cases is less than a year. You end up with new lighting, a brighter workspace and the savings continue into the future. You also can expect them to be maintenance free for the next two to three years until the lamps start to burn out. (The life expectancy depends on your specific use in the building). This allows you to put your maintenance staff on other issues or to put those dollars to work on other priority items.

When we retrofit the fixture we handle all of the rebate paperwork for you. We work around your schedule to cause the least amount of disruption in your workspace (after hours, weekends, whatever is best for you). We recycle the old ballasts, lamps, and metal parts of the old fixture that we remove.

So do that walk around and open up your blinds. Then contact us or another local lighting retrofit company so you can take advantage of the great incentives to save money on your electrical bill.

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