Minor Maintenance

Our goal is to "own" your building. We are the eyes and ears inside your building everyday. As we clean we see the small things that should be repaired to keep your building looking and running it's best. We can take care of many of the minor ongoing maintenance issues in your building.

Relamping / Lighting

You can call your electrician, but do you really want to pay $95.00 an hour or more for him to change light bulbs? We can change the lamps and ballast and mark the ones that need electrical expertise so you can spend your money where its needed.

We can help you install a green lighting program that will save money on your energy as well. This would include the latest in occupant sensors, LED lamps and fixtures and exterior lighting. Even if you just upgraded to T-8 lighting a few years back, there are many rebates available on lighting and your ROI can be achieved quickly.

Paint and Patch - Pictures, Whiteboards, Corkboards and more...

We have professional painters on our staff who know how to make your wall look like new. We can repair a few nail holes or the large hole in the wall and retexture. We can re-paint the entire building or just that conference room that keeps getting dinged up where the chairs hit the wall. We can even install a chair rail so the wall doesn’t get dinged up!

We can hang that new picture in the president's office or ensure your newest conference room has the whiteboard it needs.

Minor Plumbing

We do minor plumbing repairs

The average service call cost just to show up is $149.00. We’ll charge you for our time and materials we use for repairs. We can fix that toilet that just keeps running or update your restroom with touch-less fixtures. We'll fix that broken soap, toilet paper or paper towel dispenser. We can clear minor clogs and if it needs a professional, we can call one of our trusted partners for any professional plumbing work.

What Else Can You Fix?

If it is broken, we can probably fix it. If not, we will give you a trusted referral. Some common things we fix:

  • Door Closers – they get bent in the wind, start closing too fast or doesn’t close at all.
  • Locks – we can install locks in desks and cabinets and even change out cores in doors
  • Signs – we hang lots of signs
  • Sidewalks – got heaving sidewalks after the winter. We can grind them down to eliminate your trip hazards.
  • Vendor management – vendors for elevators and fire life systems all need access to your building. We can provide that even if its after hours.
  • Bird Control – we can put up bird spikes or netting to keep them out of critical areas on your building. We can repair stucco and keep the flickers from putting holes in your building.
  • Cabinets and Shelving – we can install shelving, hang and repair cabinets and doors that aren’t working properly
  • Small office moves – we can move office furnishings and cabinets inside your building or between locations. We’ve moved many heavy fireproof cabinets.

How Do I Get Your Tech Out?

Most clients engage us in one of two ways:

1) We are set on a regular frequency to visit the building. Weekly, every other week, or monthly. They save up their requests and on our appointed day we fix the items on their list. If there is nothing on the list we do preventative maintenance on the building. If it is something urgent they call us and we respond in between service dates.

2) On call – we respond as clients have work orders. For some multi-location clients this may be daily to different locations. For other smaller clients they just call us as they need us.

It can be a hassle and time consuming to figure out which trade to call to fix something minor. On top of that they may not even return your call or show up for an appointment or estimate. Call us. We can take care of your maintenance large or small.

Contact us for your Maintenance Request