Critical Environment Manufacturing

No matter what industry you're in we've probably serviced a similar environment. Regardless we understand that manufacturing is where you "print the money" for your business.We've worked in some of the most sensitive and highly regulated environments in the world. We’re experts in maintaining critical environments for your product manufacturing. We understand that manufacturing is where you "print the money" for your business. It is critical for you and therefore critical for our success as your vendor.




Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Electronics Assembly
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Aircraft Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Satellite Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Can and Glass Manufacturing
  • Chemical Production
  • High Volume Assembly and Warehouse

Cleanroom - Critical Manufacturing

Cleanroom - Critical ManufacturingEnvironments - From class 100,000 to class 1. We've cleaned the largest cleanrooms for the world's largest semi-conductor chip manufacturer. We're familiar with bay and chase configurations, open ballroom, we can clean under the raised metal floor (URMF) and above in the interstitial.

ESD Test and Assembly - We've maintained large amounts of ESD flooring. Our training programs teaches our technicians their role in keeping your floor clean so it continues to perform and your component parts are safe.

Data Centers - We understand the critical nature of the equipment in your company's nerve center. We can perform daily cleaning or conduct deep cleaning under the floor tiles without disrupting your business.

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)


Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

  • Experienced – food, biotech, and pharmaceutical and manufacturing environments
  • Knowledgeable - SOP's, Protocols, Gowning and Disinfectants
  • Regulatory - Experienced with inspections from the FDA, USDA and foreign FDA's - Japan, Canada, European Union, and Australia, ISO Compliance
  • Production Continuity - Zero production interruptions in over 20 years of working in critical manufacturing environments
  • Safety - We work with your EHS team to align our Job Safety Analysis to your manufacturing practices. We conduct ongoing safety observations
  • Training - Our staff is trained on the specifics of your critical environment. We link their mission of creating a disinfected environment to your company mission for greater job satisfaction.


Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sanitation

  • Deep Cleaning – We perform additional deep cleaning that supports your periodic cGMP processes. Our technicians are trained for high work on lifts that you may not have the time or expertise to do on your own.
  • Office and Support Areas – While not part of your cGMP process, we’ve found that an initial first impression to regulators in your administrative space carries over into your manufacturing space. We can perform these services up to seven days per week on all shifts.
  • Outsourced Sanitation – We can perform your sanitation scope of work and give you greater flexibility and additional resources during seasonal production changes. Sanitation is our sole focus, so you get better results in your production area.