Mom’s Spit – The Best Green Cleaning Product

We all remember as a kid mom licking her fingers and wiping some smudge off our face or putting down that stray piece of hair on our head. Mom’s spit is probably the world’s greenest cleaning product, but what about some of the others out there.

About a year ago one of my employee’s came to me and told me about a device that uses only tap water to clean. I was skeptical and so was he, but we were curious. We called the company to have them send us a sample. They said we could buy one with a 30 day guarantee. We did and we’re still using that bottle. The device ionizes the water giving it an electrical charge that interacts with dirt. It then runs it through a filter as it leaves the bottle breaking it down into nano sized particles (that’s really small) and super oxygenates the water. The ionized water is active on the surface for about 30 to 45 seconds. Plenty of time to clean whatever you’re working on.

The best part is the company has gotten their latest device approved as an EPA disinfectant. It kills common things like H1N1, MRSA and a host of other bacteria and viruses found on surfaces. What I’ve found using this device now for a year is that the surface gets cleaner immediately and stays cleaner over time. The reason? No chemical residue. Any other cleaner you use always leaves some residue. This attracts dirt and the cleaning cycle has to start again. In some situations this can require even stronger chemicals to remove the residue and dirt from the chemical you’ve been using a long time.

This isn’t right for every application and we still use chemicals, but it really cuts down on the chemical use in a building and improves the indoor air quality as well as improving safety for the cleaning technician in your building. See this thing in action at

So what’s better – Mom’s Spit or Tap Water? Share a comment with us on this or a time (that’s funny now) when mom used spit to clean you or a sibling, friend or cousin.

2 Responses to Mom’s Spit – The Best Green Cleaning Product

  • Well I think, mom spit is the netter solution, because its natural.
    Most of those moms, who use their spit to clean kid’s faces, have sworn not to do so, when they were young and their mother, aunt or grandmother spit on a tissue or licked on the thumb to clean faces. In fact, its a kind of reflex of mothers and other female relatives, to use spit and often its the only alternative caused on lack of water. And that is excactly the reason, why its senceless to discuss about other cleaning products, because if a mother forgets to carry water with her, she will forget to carry other ceaning solutions as well, and the only, and best cleaning solution which is left over, is mom spit.
    I made nearly the same experiences.
    When I was young, my mother and my aunt alway cleande my mouth, nose or cheek with their spit, if anything was dirty.
    I hated it. But now I understand, why they were doing like that.

  • I think my favorite green cleaning product is vinegar. It’s so versatile.

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