Our People Make the Difference

Every company says their people are their most valuable resource. At Total Facility Care our people are more than our employees they are our team members. Every team member from the newest custodian to the most tenured manager has a stake in the performance of the company. Because of this you can be assured that your building will look its best every day. We ensure you have the best people in your building through the following processes:

Background Checks - Every team member undergoes a criminal background check going back seven years. We ensure you have people in your building that we would trust in ours.

Drug Screen - Every team member undergoes a five panel drug screen. We have a zero tolerance drug use policy.

I-9 E-Verify - We use the Department of Homeland Security's E-Verify system to ensure every person working for us is legal to work in the US.

Public Affairs - You've probably noticed we do more to verify the background, integrity and trustworthiness of our team members than almost any other building service contractor. We take the extra time and expense because it matters to us to know we've put the best people in your building. Your brand is important to us and no business wants negative publicity because their building contractor employed an illegal or criminal workforce.

Training - We train all team members to competency to ensure they know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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