What our Customers Have to Say...

Customer Reviews

"Great Job Pete! If you need the job done right the first time call Total Facility Care. Pete did a great job cleaning up from the 20/30 Suitcase Party."

"Thanks Pete! Total Facility Care came out did a great job power washing the ramp at the OtterBox hanger after this years NOCO 2030 Suitcase Party. I would highly recommend their services."

"Pete and his staff are diligent to our needs and do a great job. I do not have to worry about security with them. Top notch service."

"Pete and his team did a great job on our carpets. Musty looking one day, and like new the next! Scheduled their service after hours so that our business did not miss a beat."

"Thanks Pete and Staff!!! Our office was covered in dust and Now it sparkles. We definitely recommend Total Facility Care to all businesses."

"We use TFC at multiple locations of ours and they have been amazing. It is refreshing to finally work with a a company in this industry that is not only competent, stable and reliable, but who raises the bar on the entire profession."


Team Member Reviews

"I've been at TFC for a year now and it's great the people are nice positive environment best work environment I've ever been at"

"I worked for Total Facility Care for a decent period of time, almost 2 years I think? Pete and the manager's were great. The work is hard, but is advertised as such. He has standards; this is a GOOD thing. I found a lot of fulfillment in my position with the company. I enjoyed the full schedule I had and the responsibilities I was given to make sure that the company was properly reflected in a job well-done and happy clients."

"Working for Total Facility Care has been by far the best working experience I have had in my career so far. Working for owners who actually care about their people and their product is a rare gem to find and I am lucky to have found that at TFC. Pete and Linda, along with all of the leadership team, truly value their team members and will bend over backwards to help them in any way possible. Total Facility Care is a great place to work and you feel as if you are apart of a family there."

"Great company! Super company to work for. They treat their employees very fair."

"The owners of this company, Pete and Linda, are the most caring, ethical, and family oriented people I've ever worked for. When you are hired here, you are truly part of the family. Opportunities abound for those willing to work for it, and the sky's the limit! I love TFC!!"