The Total Facility Care Difference

Why should you work here?

Flexible Yet Consistent Schedules

We have many different schedules to choose from that meet your employment needs. Whether you work full-time or part-time, our positions provide a consistent yet flexible schedule. Not sure if we can work with your scheduling needs? Just give us a call today to find out!

Top Notch Training

As stated above, you will receive the best of the best in training so you feel comfortable and competent in completing your assigned job duties. In addition to your initial training, we have an extensive 90 day follow-up process to ensure you succeed and become an expert to service your clients well.

Room For Growth and Advancement

Whether you are looking to advance within Total Facility Care or just grow your knowledge and skills, we provide you the tools, training, and support necessary for you to do just that! We have a structured Leadership Development course for those who want to join our Leadership team and learn how to lead a team of others, no experience is necessary! At Total Facility Care, we want to support you in all of your endeavors and dreams.


We believe every job done well is worthy of honor and recognition, no matter how big or small. This job is hard work and you are going to sweat, so you should always know that you matter and make a difference in the work you are doing.

Great Pay/Benefit Structure

Total Facility Care starts all Team Members off at a base hourly rate for the position they are hired for. Team Members can then earn annual performance based pay increases or advance to higher level positions to earn more money. Some positions are also eligible for monthly mileage reimbursements, paid-time off, and health benefits.

Services That Delight Our Clients

We all have a passion to serve. We do more than just clean buildings, we make a difference in our client’s lives daily. Whether it is a medical facility, a general office space, or a manufacturing warehouse, we work hard to provide services that delight our customers and give our Team Members something to be proud of. We want our client’s day to start with a “wow.”

We Are Family

Total Facility Care is a family and we treat all of our Team Members and clients as an extension of our family. We are a company that likes to have fun while getting the job done! Whether personal or professional, we want to serve and take care of others. Our leadership team is knowledgeable, supportive, respectful, and will help make you feel like TFC is your home away from home.


Want to join the team? Apply Today!